Graduate Success Stories


Abasi was sponsored by AZBGC in primary 4 and went on to graduate with a Certificate in Journalism from Buganda Royal Institute in 2021.

He is currently working on his own farm and was recently hosted by a National TV station to discuss how youth can empower and sustain themselves through small scale farming projects while waiting for a meaningful and well-paying job. Abasi always comes back to AZBGC to give a helping hand where it is needed including planting useful trees. 

He still has hope of becoming a professional journalist in Uganda. Thank you, Abasi, for being you!


Fred comnpleted his certificate in a fashion and design program at Buganda Royal Institute. We thank Fred for his many years of volunteering at the club and we are thankful when he comes back to Agnes Zabali Boys and Girls club, especially during the medical mission to give a helping hand where it is needed.


Ivan acquired a diploma in Journalism at Muteesa University in 2018 and he is currently volunteering at AZBGC as the guest house manager and driver.

His future plan is to become a journalist but right now he is often found at the community center helping and bring a role model. We thank Ivan for this commitment and determination to make sure volunteers, staff and students are transported safely throughout Uganda and hosted comfortably.


Joseph acquired a certificate in plumbing at Buganda Royal Institute in 2019. He is currently corking as a professional plumber in Kampala and throughout Uganda. He regularly comes back to AZBGC for plumbing repairs and holds discussions on the importance of plumbing maintenance and the opportunities available in the plumbing trade. We thank Joseph so much for his years of services to the club and wish him well.


John acquired a certificate in Electrical Engineering at Buganda Royal Institute in 2019. He is currently working as an Electrician at Umeme Limited in Kampala. John always comes back to the community center to repair electrical faults and mentor those who want to become professional electricians in the future.

John is so passionate with his profession, so he has gone back for further studies with the goal of obtaining a National Certificate in Electrical Engineering and he plans to continue studying to enhance his skills and chances of employment.

Good luck, John!


Joyce studied Human Resource Management at Ndejje University until 2018. During and after her studies, she was a Project Officer at AZBGC in charge of women affairs and the library.

We thank Joyce for the many hours she spent volunteering at AZBGC mentoring and training children in music, dancing, and arts and crafts. Joyce’s future career goal is to become a Human Resources Manager and we wish her well.


Jimmy completed a Degree in Business Administration majoring in Procurement and Logistic Management from NKumba University. He graduated in 2015 and he is currently working as a Relationship Officer at DFCU bank in Kampala. We wish him well.


Lawerence completed a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel management at Muteesa Royal University. He graduated in 2023 and he is currently working as a chef in a hotel in Kampala. The best to Lawerence.


Martin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in development studies in 2013 from Ndejje University. He continues to volunteer with the club often chairing meetings, helping with logistics and translation during the annual CACHA Medical Mission. he is also a key player with AZBGC village experience tours and currently a Board Member at AZBGC. He is also working with the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) and we thank Martin so much for his many years of service.


Maria acquired a certificate in Secretary Studies at Buganda Royal in 2014. She is currently working as a secretary at Masaka Primary School.


Michael acquired a certificate in motor vehicle mechanics from Buganda Royal Institute in 2021. He is currently working as a mechanic in his brother’s garage in Katende town and always comes back to the club to say hello, mentor children and repair the club’s vehicles while sharing his mechanical knowledge with your that are interested in this industry.

Mike’s work ethic, dedication especially on income generating businesses like tents and chairs project set the standards. Up today, this project is very successful courtesy of the foundation he built. We thank you and wish you well.


Moses acquired a certificate in Tourism and Hotel Mangement at Buganda Royal in 2016. He is currently working as a hotel manager in Kampala. Moses always comes back to the club and helps children with sports training.


Derrick completed four years at Mutees Royal University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Derick has been able to find occasional engineering work in Kampala but after graduation and the sudden and tragic death of our beloved coach Uncle Miiro, Derrick stepped up to the enormous responsibilities of a children and youth sports coach.

He is a man of his word who continues to devote most of his time being a sports coach at AZBGC. His current position as head coach has resulted in sustainability of our sports programs and has allowed youth to continue receiving scholarships and we thank him for his dedication. His aspiring dream is to continue coaching sports and make sure that young children continue to learn the important skills of life while playing fair. Skills like teamwork, effective communication, initiative and a strong work ethic. He believes learning those skills earlier in life cna lead to participants becoming responsible adults in the future.


Deogratius graduated with a certificate in mechanical repairs from Buganda Royal Institute. Hard working Deo now works for Costco Wholesale and Amazon after having many different titles while volunteering countless hours at our club; including being a “Senior Driver” who regularly transported young children from the club to schools, internation volunteers and even patients who were seeking healthcare outside Kamengo.

Deo is also an extremely talented culture dancer and overall performer. His amazing dancing and singing skills are often on display during the Kamengo Cultural troupe performances at various multicultural events, school and fundraising events for AZBGC. We thank Deo for calling youth at AZBGC when time allows to provide mentorship and guidance to the next generation of outstanding young leaders and being available to perform at fundraising events in Ottawa where he now lives.

Go Deo!


Davis acquired a degree in Industrial Art. He was a longitme volunteer for AZBGC as a Treasurer and served this position wholeheartedly. He currently works in Dubai as a cashier and always calls AZBGC members as a mentor who provides much needed guidance. We thank Davis so much for the many years he’s dedicated to the club paying school fees, purchasing food furing COVID, providing financial reports, coaching sports and cultural performances, welcoming volunteers and being an outstanding team player.

Davis was also an amazing artist and donated amazing art pieces for fundraising and as an appreciation to longtime friends who supported AZBGC. We are better off because Davis put in the work for us and we wish him well.


Nicholas attained a diploma in Journalism from Mutessa University. he is currently working as a Public Relations officer at Buganda Royal Institute and at Buganda Broad Casting service television (BBS TV). He is also a professional photographer and has taken photos during the annual medical mission at Ggoli Health Centre. His dream is to become an international photographer and videographer. The best to you, Nicholas!


Pascal obtained a certificate in Journalism from Buganda Royal Institute in 2021. Pascal has been with AZBGC since 2007 and we thank him so much for his work ethic, volunteerism and humility. He is currently in charge of alumni affairs at AZBGC and volunteers as an advocate for more opportunities for the alumni. He always finds the time to come back to the community center to help with sports training.


Paul acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Micro Finance from Nkozi University in 2021. He continues to give a helping hand to the club through training basketball and teaching youth how to start up new projects and save money. Today, Paul works with Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF).


Peter acquired a Degree in Education in Science at Kyambogo University in 2015 and is currently working as a teacher at St Bruno Secondary School.

He has always been available for international volunteers, and he regularly visits the community center to give a helping hand during meetings and providing counselling to children and youth while teaching mathematics to students. Peter is also a Board Member at AZBGC, and we thank him for his many years of service.


Pius acquired a degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Internation Development at Ndejje University on 18th October 2015. After university, he continued to volunteer at the club serving as an education minister which involves nurturing children, preparing students for their exams as well as helping students with their homework after school. He has participated in all the annual Medical Missions as a translator and logistical personnel. Currently, he serves as a Board member at AZBGC in an Advisory role while teaching at Buddo Academy High School. We thank him for his many years of service to the club and community.


Ronald acquired a degree in Industrial Art and Design from Ndejje University in 2018. He is currently working as a painter for Kyamu Painting Company in Kampala. Ronald always comes back to the club to give a helping hand especially during the annual Medical Mission. Previously, Ronald designed and made beautiful AZBGC t-shirts, which were sold to raise funds for the club. We thank Ronald for his many years of volunteering services and wish him well with his future endeavours.


Pauline was supported by the AZBGC until she completed her primary school education. She later won a high school basketball scholarship and completed secondary school education. She loves music, dance and drama, and helped train these activities to the younger girls at the club. She currently lives in Ottawa, Canada where she helps out during AZBGC fundraising events and performs with the Kamengo Cultural Troupe during their various culture performances.


Jjemba is so appreciated for his extraordinary work ethic from day one. Against all odds, he was able to complete his education. After highschool, he traveled to Tanzania and learned Swahili and enrolled in a carpentry program which he completed successfully. While in Tanzania, he was also able to volunteer during the CACHA Medical Missions and obtain a great deal of experience which now enables him to come back to AZBGC every year to help during the Medical Missions at Ggoli Health Center. We thank and wish Jjemba well.


Rehema attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Muteesa 1 Royal University in 2016. She previously worked as an Officer at Mpigi Council and currently works in Dubai.


Sarah attained a certificate in Nursing and Midwifery at Hoima School of Nursing in 2020. Sarah is currently working as a Midwife in Kampala. We thank her for volunteering at the Ggoli health center and St. Mark Senior Secondary School Kamengo when time allows. We wish Sarah well.


Sumaiya attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Kyambogo University in 2022. She always comes back to the club to say hello and she is currently working at St Joseph’s Hospital as an accountant. The best to Sumaiya.


Stella graduated in 2019 with a certificate in catering from Buganda Royal institute. Stella is an amazing chef and cultural performer. We thank her so much for the many years she spent helping with cooking healthy and delicious meals for volunteers and members of the club. Stella is currently working as a senior chef in Saudi Arabia, and we wish her well.


Sharif graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. HE is a former teacher at Kyanja Secondary School and is a member of the Kamengo Cultural Troupe that practices music, dance and drama. He currently lives in Ottawa. During his stay in Kamengo, Sharif helped out with AZBGC farms and animals and did an amazing job. We thank him for the many years he spent volunteering at the club.


Allan is a talented athlete and was awarded a scholarship at Nkozi University where he enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. He tried playing professional basketball in Kampala and we thank him for stopping by AZBGC to train children in sports.


Annet was a chairwoman of AZBGC for a number of years, and we thank her so much for her years of volunteering. Annet attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Kyambogo University in 2021. She currently teaches English and Literature in Entebbe and remains involved with issues empowering, educating and mentoring young women.


Ayub has become an amazing and creative chef at AZBGC. He plans and prepares menus for members and volunteers who visit our club throughout the year. Ayub also has professional certificates in Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Catering. He has become a good role model at AZBGC. All of us thank him for devoting and volunteering his time training sports, setting up sports equipment, repairing bicycles, doing minor car repairs and supervising children regularly. His future plans are to continue being a volunteer in any organization as well as finding a job as a chef. We wish Ayub well and thank him again.


Balikuddembe attained a certificate in motor repair at Buganda Royal Institue. He currently works as a motor vehicle mechanic in Kampala. We wish him well and thank him for his years of volunteering at AZBGC.


Brian remains a key member of Kuza Troupe Africa in Kampala and Kamengo Cultural Troupe in Ottawa. he obtained a certificate as a cell phone repair technician in Kampala and currently lives in Ottawa where he still performs with Kamengo Cultural Troupe at various multicultural events and works at Costco Wholesale. We thank him for calling AZBGC members often to offer guidance on the importance of cultural performances. Brian profoundly loves drums and his culture and we wish him well.


Cris is one of the first graduates from AZBGC and has been an outstanding role model to hundreds of children at AZBGC and other communities. He obtained a Degree in Social Sciences and a Professional Certificate in Child Protection. He currently works and volunteers at AZBGC in Kamengo as a Project Coordinator where he manages and coordinates children and youth proggrams that focus on education, healthcare and sports.

In 2022, Cris was able to visit Canada where he performed at cultural events and fundraising functions for AZBGC. We thank Cris for his extraordinary commitment to children, compassion for others and determination to make a positive difference for children throughout Uganda.

Thank you, Cris!


Cristine is currently working as a midwife in Kampala. She obtained a certificate in Nursing and Midwifery from Mityana School of Nursing in 2022. Christine is also a Board Member at AZBGC and we thank her for the hours she spent volunteering at the club and we all wish her well with her future endeavours.


Dianah acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Nkozi University in 2021 where she studied on a basketball scholarship. She was a very talented athlete and even better cultural performer that we miss at the club. She is currently working as a teacher at international school of Uganda in Kampala. All of us at AZBGC appreciate Dianah for being an outstanding role model and we thank her so much for the many years of service she spent training members of the club to read, to learn, to dance, to sing and the importance of fair play. Above all we thank her for providing much needed guidance to young girls at our women’s house. The best to you Dianah and thank you always.


Edward attained a degree in Education and Arts at Muteesa University in 2018. He is currently working as a teacher at St Mark Secondary School Kamengo and we thank him for coming by our community center to help students with geography and prepare for their exams.